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"Xebgha Nies" Exhibition at St.James Cavalier, Valletta 2014

From February 21st until March 30th, St. James Cavalier, Valletta will be hosting Xebgħa Nies, a collective exhibition of nine Maltese artists. The general subject is portraiture, however what can be expected is a unique take on an assorted set of interesting characters. From the man enjoying a pastizz and sips of Kinnie, to the mustachioed twins and everyone in between, you definitely won’t resist falling in love with this lot.

Participating Artists: Debbie Caruana Dingli, Andrew Diacono, Steve Bonello, Marisa Attard, Kenneth Zammit Tabona, Paul Scerri, Mark Scicluna, Moira Zahra and Saviour Baldacchino.

Trevor Zahra will be delivering a short and undoubtedly humorous introductory note.

The exhibition was made possible with the support of: Halmann Vella Ltd, Lovage Bistro, Ecco, and St. James Cavalier Centre for Creativity..

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Comic Con, Valletta, Malta 2013

"We bought stuff, we chatted with artists, we watched movies & in general spent a day geeking out happily while the floods gathered outside. Since then, I start looking forward to the Con from the end of October, and this year was no exception – particularly as the guests keep getting better and better every time."

Ramona Depares - Let There Be the Con

Live drawing - Courtroom Art

Artistic depictions of the proceedings in the Malta court of law, published on the MaltaToday newspaper - 2013, 2014

Live Drawing at Private Events